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The security system in the building is designed to be convenient to use while providing a high degree of security. We hope that you will encourage everyone in your firm to follow our after-hours security procedures.

Electronic Entry

To enter the building before 7:00 A.M. and after 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, or at any time during the weekend, you must use an individually coded access card at the entry readers. The readers are located at the main entrance and the parking garage entrance on M Street. Datawatch cards are also required to operate the elevators after hours.

The Datawatch central computer will verify your individual card code and will grant access by unlocking the electric lock.  The door will close and lock automatically behind you. Politely discourage other persons from "tailgating."

Please note that only those who purchase a parking spot will be authorized to access the building via the garage. Please see the section titled “Parking” for additional information.

Click here to download a Datawatch Card/Key Order Form

To leave the building, use either the Main entrance doors in the lobby or the garage. Your Datawatch card is not required to take the elevators to the lobby level to exit the building. 

A Datawatch phone is located at the main entrance and at the garage entrance located on M Street. This phone is connected directly to Datawatch’s main switchboard, which can contact the building security officer if necessary.

If you expect after hours visitors, couriers, deliveries or contractors, you must inform the Management Office in advance.   Access will not be given to anyone without prior written notification. Please provide the following information via the Visitor Link System:

  • Your name and company
  • Name of your visitor
  • Date and approximate time of visit
  • Your direct phone number

The officer will make every effort to be positioned in the lobby at your guest’s expected arrival time. Should the officer be away from the desk, please instruct visitors to use the Datawatch phone upon arrival. Datawatch will contact the security officer on duty, who will grant access upon verification of proper identification.

If you forget your access card, you will be considered a visitor and must use the Datawatch phone to gain access. Security will require proper identification prior to granting access. This will include contacting your firm’s designated contact to obtain permission to grant access into your suite and signing the Visitor Log book located at the front desk. If your access card has been lost or stolen, please notify the Management Office immediately.

Additional Recommendations:

Issue Datawatch cards to consultants, painters and other contractors who will regularly require after-hours access. When the contracted work is completed, retrieve or revoke the Datawatch card.

The Management Office will periodically distribute printouts of Datawatch card authorizations. Please review these lists to eliminate any authorizations that are no longer required. You may update any changes directly with Datawatch or return the list to the Management Office for processing.

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