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1200 New Hampshire Avenue has been designed and constructed to meet or exceed applicable Building Code Requirements for the safety of tenants and visitors.  Nevertheless, certain situations may occur which require the prompt response, complete cooperation and swift action of tenants for both their personal security and welfare and the protection of their premises.

It is important to note that the Life Safety and Property Protection Systems in place at 1200 New Hampshire Avenue will only provide the designed security benefit if people respond accordingly.

This manual should be read, understood, reviewed periodically and followed by everyone in the tenant's organization.  The property management staff is always available to answer any questions regarding its content or any other life safety issues.

Each tenant is required to appoint two individuals within their organization to serve as Fire Warden and Assistant Warden. Each should receive copies of the Building Emergency Systems and Procedure Manual. Each Tenant is responsible for their individual EAP.

Click here to download a complete copy of the Building Emergency Systems and Procedure Manual

It will be their responsibility to:

  1. Ensure that all employees thoroughly understand the procedures.
  2. Personally execute certain procedures and direct the action of the tenant's employees during an emergency.
  3. Act as the communications contact between the tenant's employees and Public Security Organizations such as the Fire and Police Departments or the Property Management Office in the event of an emergency.

Please fill out the attached Fire Warden Identification Form and return it to the Property Management Office.

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