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One of our primary objectives at JLL is to provide you with consistent, high quality services and a comfortable working environment.  Providing timely service to all tenants requires a well-organized system of communication.  This communication can best be accomplished through the use of a designated Tenant Contact.  For this reason, we request that you assign a member of your staff to act in this important capacity.

All requests for services and complaints by individual employees should be made directly to the Tenant Contact. The Tenant Contact should then pass the information on to the Management Office via ETS. This process will eliminate duplicate and conflicting calls to the Management Office and will allow us to deal with your requests in the most efficient manner possible, and will provide real time updates to the Tenant.

So that this system may function smoothly, please provide all of your employees with the Tenant Contact’s name and phone number, along with instructions to make all requests through the Tenant Contact. 

It is important that our records remain current.  Please provide written notice to the Management Office of any Tenant Contact changes.

Please fill out the enclosed Tenant Contact Information form and return to the Management Office.

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