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Security for 1200 New Hampshire Avenue is provided by Admiral Security Services. The guard is on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week to monitor building activity and assist with access control. A second guard is on duty from 8:00 am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday to assist with access control.

During normal business hours, the officer(s) will be stationed at the lobby desk.  After hours, the officer makes a number of rounds throughout the property to monitor activity and to ensure that the building and individuals are secure.

The security officer is equipped with a combination radio/cellular handset, which also has voice mail capability, so that he may be reached at all times.  The guard can be reached at the front desk by calling (202)223-5912.  The officer is available to respond to after-hour emergencies, to provide an escort to the parking garage, or simply to address your concerns.

Suspected theft of any size should be reported to the Management Office.  A member of the building management team will respond and issue an incident report that you may pass on to your insurance company. A report should also be filed with the Metropolitan Police Department.

Please note that the building does not carry insurance to cover the loss of personal belongings.  The lease requires tenants to maintain insurance coverages for all leasehold improvements, trade fixtures and personal property at 100% of full replacement value.

Peddlers and canvassers are prohibited from entering 1200 New Hampshire.  Notify management office of any unsolicited salespersons contacting your office.

Other Equipment

Camera Monitors

A video monitor at the lobby desk allows the officer to monitor thirteen cameras installed at various points in the building.  The cameras are located in the following areas:

  1. The north side of C-1 elevator lobby
  2. The interior roll-up door/loading dock
  3. The parking garage entrance ramp
  4. The interior of the loading dock area
  5. The service corridor located off of the lobby
  6. The south side of C-1 elevator lobby
  7. The Marriott roll-up door located in the garage
  8. The front desk located in the lobby
  9. The elevator lobby
  10. The exterior loading dock entrance
  11. The double doors located at the end of the service corridor
  12. The parking garage exit ramp
  13. The freight elevator lobby

All cameras are connected to a DVR and are recorded continually. Please notify the Management Office as soon as possible should you like us to review the tapes for a particular incident.

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